Quick Street Ball Rules

  1. Assert your dominance whenever you step onto a court. Let people know that you have next game.
  2. (If your alone) Recruit people to play on your team. A common strategy is to wrangle up a bunch of individuals waiting around.
  3. Remind newcomers that you have NEXT. (This step is crucial, as people who come after you will be quick to assume that they have next)
  4. Play.
  5. IF you win awesome! If not, work hard during the offseason (your wait for the next game) to upgrade your team.

Summer ambitions

Hello young world,

WOW I can’t believe its been a year since I created this blog, time surely does fly. I will say that I am slightly disappointed with myself due to the fact that this will have been my third post. Not surprising however, as I do have a tendency to think of elaborate ideas, but almost always fail to act. I guess you could say its a true weakness of mine, that I will HOPEFULLY be working on this summer. Hopefully this summer I can surpass my previous record of one post the entire summer.

Anyways, this summer is planned to be a busy one but hopefully an exciting one. First and foremost, I will be dedicating most of my time studying for a standardized test that I will be taking later on in the summer. Theres a lot riding on this test, and one could say that this would be one of the most important tests Ive ever taken. However, I feel like this test will not only give me a physical score, but it will also allow me to gain insight on myself. Im using this test to prove to myself, that I can do anything I want, I just need to work hard. This school year has not been the greatest, and recently Ive seen my self slipping. Often questioning my ability, something that I haven’t done before. This test is what proves my doubts wrong.

Aside from the hardcore studying, some other things that I want to take up during the summer is golf. Golf, is something I picked up last summer, and Ive had an urge to play ever since. My only problem is that I suck, and definitely need to take lessons to get the basics down pack. Even though my play was atrocious during the summer, I still enjoyed every minute of it.

Lastly, I hope to blog a little more. I really want to improve my writing skills, and I think this is only way.

PS. Since I couldn’t use my “word of the day” here it is in a random sentence.

The statesman spoke he’s case, as the panel listened in, agreeing to what he was saying as they knew he was a very veridical man.

Distant Memories

It was the week before exam season, I was on my way to a general meeting for a new club that opened at school. After not being as involved as I wanted to this past year, I felt like this new club could perhaps open up some new opportunities for me. Listening to the club leader describe what the club was about, I instantly knew this was something I would be interested in. During the election for executive positions, the position for VP Finance was one that had caught my eye. Seeing how there was only 6 other people at the meeting, I knew my chances were great in becoming the VP. All I had to do was raise my hand….. but I didnt it. I was afraid. I had no self confidence. And someone else ended up taking the position. Thats when I knew I needed to change. I needed to challenge my fears so that I could go for anything I wanted in life. I was emulating someone, I said I never wanted to become.

First Post


I just wanted to give you a brief introduction about myself and what I hope to accomplish in this blog. I am a second year college student new to the world of blogging. To be honest, I actually thought blogging was dumb, and really didn’t understand why people did it, until recently. I think my sudden interest in blogging sprout after I realized I wanted to become a better writer. Writing has always been one of my weaker subjects in school from the beginning. I just never really had an interest in writing, as it always felt like a chore that just had to be done. But now, I see it as an important skill to uphold, in order to be successful in this world. And so after researching methods on how to become a better writer, I can say the general consensus from all the sources is to WRITE! The number one method to become a better writer, was to write. So simple, yet so difficult. Ive never really written anything just for fun, there has always been a reason behind it (almost all of them being school). So my initial reaction was okay, so what should I write about? Answer: Anything. Okay well thats kind of like a blog, and just like that here I am.

Anyways, to anyone reading (I don’t think anyone is haha) I hope you’ll enjoy my blog. I will try to post frequently, and will range in a variety of topics. I hope you realize that I am doing this to better my self, and so any criticism/input to help me out is greatly appreciated.